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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Blog-walking hehhe.. cantik sungguh kadnya

As usual, I like to do some exercises...especially early in the morning, but due to weather changes I prefer to stay home and be inside my sauna bag.
Lately, I found out that I also have a new kind of routine that not making me sweat at all hahaha.. blog-walking habit. 

Having few friends whom actually making tons of monies through creativity  (by selling their workmanship) really making me happy, and also envy them hahahaha. They are superb mothers,  gorgoues wives and lots more. Somehow they managed to slip in their normal life a niche that I envy most : creative ideas and projects.

Oh this blog http://bestfriendsmadeit.blogspot.com/ is not one of my friend..no no no hahah. I really adore her creative arts and don't want to miss it anymore..so I decided to come up with this entry..Blog-walking... oh? I did place this blog in my favourite site but..just let me introduce to all.. and appreciate some one's workmanship, the efforts and its priceless (oh? pricey..I don't think so if we appreciate the facts that these hand made items are custom made and labour of great workmanship).

So, let's start with this blog BTMI.. have a look and I bet you will love their projects. Let's BLOG-WALKING..argh..argh..arghh everyone (without sweating and still lying on bed..hahahhaah!)

They even uploaded videos... how these lovely cards will actually work! Please do not hesitate to visit thier blog..plus I know.. you might want one for you right? hahhahaha

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