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Monday, 31 January 2011

Frustrated? Yes I am..menonggeng erk?

Being alone and always most of the times on my own really making me glued to the blogs.
Since working and moved to Labuan, I knew I really changed..mammoth one is ' I'm pounding kilos and kilos..gosh! Hahahahha
But if you ask me : am I going to stay in Labuan for another few years..the answer is YES!

It just that I really miss one thing (only one? Lots actually..) READING habit!
I couldn't get MY type of BOOKS here..that's frustrating right.
I will become CRAZY when I go to KK, outstation or even when going home (balik Semenanjung).. I'll ship those books, but I found I'm loosing `IT' bit by bit. I read ..I do but really slow..or maybe I need to slap my butt to wake me up hahhaha

Or maybe the blog-walking habit had kill the lust for reading books (not e-book..I hate it hahah). I tengah belek - belek my reading glasses...oh surely I won't get it increase..cukuplah kiri 450 degrees, kanan 400 degrees..terukkan? The glasses really defines how 'gila' I am and hooked into my reading. Or maybe cos I'm a bit older now hahah so I find I'm not as passionate as before..hmmm (hahhahah). Anyway..I memang tengah frust menonggeng..pasal apa..pasal nih la..hilangnya passionate and lust hahahha.... yesss! Happy nya berjaya kenakan orang yang membaca entry nih.

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