Ijab dan Kabul

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


My next travelogue would be Labuan-KK-Sarawak, insya Allah this coming August.
I had great travelogues since 2001 which all accomplished with great memories reduced into writing and pictures worth a thousand words.

It wasn't accompanied by any except my Lonely Planet. Wherever i go, people i met thought that i was a journalist, researcher and even a Singaporean gal. All went wrong.

2011, i plan to look for and meet my long lost friend Nathalie Kervarec whom i think still stay at Leeds. I once told her (we started the friendship when we were 16 or 18 years old) and we haven't write to each others back in 2005. That 2011 will be accompanied by my nephews, Insya Allah.

I plan to go to UK then board tren to France, then move forward to other countries. Now collecting informations on Dournenez, France cos Nat was living there (raised up). The Kervarec family has a big farm and also the grains plantation. I supposed to upload the pictures but all were safe kept at my father's home.

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