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Monday, 29 June 2009

my drive ...so passionate

i guessed for a man, its the car that comes first in life! The most acclaimed girl friend with no feeling gagagagagagagagaga hhhaaaahhhahahahaha isn't it.

To me, i'm passionate into driving. Almost everyday i drive along the coastal..maybe because i long to drive on the hi way! When i was at Semenanjung, i preferred to drive shortly after the Suboh prayer thus i can reach my father's home at 11.30 am. I dun stop, unless i have to, like refilling the fuel. I had everything in the cockpit like milo or snack to ease my little engine..hehehehe.. and rarely stop to answer the nature calls.

I loved my green myv. We had great time together, and kudos tu my oldy because i had a great journey with.

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