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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Heals with ayat-ul-qur'an

do u feel how i feel?
adakah anda dapat rasa apa yang saya alami ini?

i have to thanking hafizi for forwarding me 'ayat Al Quran Penawar Kanser' (Healing cancer with verses of Al Quran).

to those (out there) struggling very much (like me) to heal, please recite the following verses of Al Quran. However i can't upload the dua as it's ... to my vision is illiterate (my vision is bad though..) and i try to get an Ustaz to verify the print.

meantime, please read this carefully.


A. recite these Surah 7 times before plain water for bath, drinking water and olive oil
for massage.
- That plain water is for bath (enough for 7 days) which to my opinion we need to pour into tub /pail for bath : means here enough 5l for 7 days bathing as we will mix it with tap water.
- Drinking water enough for 7 days (3 times daily - morning, dzuhur(noon) and night.
- Massage the affected area for 21 days.
- Repeat the recitation once a week before the plain water, drinking water and olive oil.

Allah Says in Surah Al Israa', verse 82:
" We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who beleive: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss."

1.Al Fatihah
2.Al Baqarah 1-5
3.Al Baqarah 163.164.165
4.Al Baqarah 255.256.257
5.Al Baqarah 284.285.286
6.Ali Imran 1-5
7.Ali IMran 18
8.Ali Imran 26.27
9.Al A'raaf 54.55.56
10.Al A'raaf 117.118.119
11.Surah Yunus 80.81.82
12.Surah Thaaha 65.66
13.Al Mukminun 115-118
14.Ash Shafaat 1-15
15.Surah ar Rahman 31-34
16.Al Hasyr 21-24
17.Al Mulk 3-4
18.Al Qalam 51.52
19.Surah al Jinn 3
20.Al Khafirun
21.Al Falaq
22.An Nas

Once we read all the above surahs for 7 times, please say d'ua before plain water for bath, drinking water and olive oil for massage. (i'll upload the d'ua once an ustaz verify it)

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