Ijab dan Kabul

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

menghitung hari/ count down

i was thinking, what shall i be doing this year to commomerate my 31st birth anniversary.
what shall i do then, since i marked last year with tremendous change in life, i 200 pc adorned 'tudung' the Islamic way. i'm so grateful to my Lord Allah as He had gave me the hidayah to me.

lately i'm thinking of getting back to old track, but the wise man around me keep reminding me of not to looking back to my 'jahiliyyah' time. but i beleived as since we are human, we lingering to err most of our time.
but that was hitting me few years ago, on my 'perjalanan solo ku yang pertama'.


  1. tracking back past
    i do think both of us has something tht link us.
    we both had changed to be a better muslimah, although now i am a bit over da limit lah eheheheh....
    i used to be someone so rebellious, so not understanding others, so n so...
    but thanks Lord tht never neglect me His subjects. still giving me change, over n over...for me to rebuild myself. evnthough i kept on forgettn'....
    apa aku merepek ni...

    *setulus cahaya*

  2. Yang penting hidup dalam menuju mardhotillah dan dalam hati muda selalu